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After an evening of drinking whisky, smoking a cigar, and catching up on our AMC and GME stocks, we thought we had an amusing insight into the world of 'stonk' investment, and hell, why not give a Live stream & podcast ago!


So in a nutshell - A funny, light-hearted weekly live stream & podcast by two lifelong friends that have fallen into 'stonk' investments of mostly AMC and GME and want to educate and inform others into becoming 'Apes!' We take your Ape stonk DD and condense it into a funny, easily consumable 60 minutes!

We also invite guests onto the cast to help widen our thinking and viewpoint, but most of all to have a laugh, drink whisky and make a generally dull subject hopefully easy to understand and interesting!

No financial advice is given in the podcast or on this website. We do however like whisky and laughing!

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