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The Ape-Team! Christmas Special announcement!

Apes Assemble!!!

Well, our people have been talking to their people, and their people have been talking to ours, things have been happening in the background and now we're all ready to announce this week's The Great EscAPE's Christmas Special podcast guests!

The perfectly selected Ape elite lineup joining Col and Sam is:

- @Dogegirl_420

- @Koryamc1

- @MlleNadjie

- @TradesTrey

- @CokeRatCramer

- @Davey_boy79

Yes! You did read that right! We're bringing the crack commando Ape version of the Navy Seals/SAS all on one podcast to chat about the past year's funny stonk events, drink our favorite tipples, and have a well-earned laugh in time for Christmas!

Look out for the podcast notification when we upload it. We hope you enjoy it folks! We have a feeling you will!

Merry Christmas Ape fam!

Col and Sam

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