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Episode 5 Baby!

It's Thursday so its Ep 5 of The Great EscAPE podcast baby!!

Big thank you for the thousands of downloads last week! We're still blown away by the support you guys are giving us! Big love! Check out the new website and Instagram account!

This week we're talking about, Pres. evil vendetta on Citadel, Gamestop teasing us with NFT butt hurt on Kenny's birthday! Banner suggestions for Kat Stryker, Nancy P's high-class escort escapades, Evergrande sinkhole, 18th Oct MOASS date, Everyone in meltdown, Big banks stub crypTO, Cryptic messages from GME, new podcast earworms, "Crime and Lies", kicking of multiple cans, Charles Gasparino is a cock, hot toddies, head colds, and ever-present Whisky drinking!

Website -

Instagram Account - thegreatescapepodcast

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