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The Great EscAPE! - Episode 4

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Our first guest on the show! Big thank you to Rach (@dogegirl_420) for joining us, getting smashed, and talking stonks! This week was a lot of fun!

This week was brought mostly together with whisky and p*rn references! Show has been edited down as the original was nearly two hours long (we blame Rach!)

We cover, Kenny's canned applause, Rach peeing herself, flybys on Citadels and SEC's New York buildings, Donny throwing everyone under a bus, using Gr*nder and P*rnhub as messaging platforms, Chicago hates Kenny, Rep. David Scott going full retard, ApesStrongTogether Documentary, Melissa Lee's attempt at mass FUD, Nancy Pelosi v Elizabeth Warren, Evergrande has a new star teammate, people choking on AMC and a plea for help to find the SEC and the missing GME report!

Massive thank you for the thousands of downloads last week! We're blown away by how quickly we've grown and we can't thank you enough. Please subscribe, rate and if you have 30 seconds, leave a nice review!

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