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Stonks in Space!!! Ep7 and Ep8 arrive at the same time!

Ep7 (Part 1) and Ep8 (Part 2) are a slightly different but very special podcast this week, we went live into space with CosmicLightningWarrior and joined his live Youtube stream to talk stonks, talk gaming, and drink whisky!

In EP7 (Part 1):

5 days of green, anyone seen the SEC? Crime & Lies, Hedgies lose $2.7B, Anchorage Capital short #AMC, FUD turned up to 11, Waynes World Cramer, NFT/Loopring to the moon with Method Man driving, tanning b*ttholes, DRS processed in Col’s room, Wetbush gets soggy, which Hedgie holds the flaming turd? Cosmic kicking corruption in the nuts! Front bums, US sports v UK sports, Global Ape community! Listening to Wu Tang, Gargling Cosmic’s beans! Squid Game Coin – Red light! Panic in the MOASS, Han Solo feeling jacked t*tties, Post MOASS convo, spanking, Wife changing money, INFINITE RISK!!!

In EP8 (Part 2):

By now we were very very drunk, but in this episode, we covered (slurred), Crypto is a religion? Ben v Yen continued, Space cigars, Cosmic pissing, Getting (very) lost in the Metaverse, PC Gaming, Don’t do drugs kids, Zuckerberg on Meth, realistic sex dolls, Alternate Carbon, The Big Short, Everyone has sex!? No one can hear you scream in space, Cosmic takes the Nancy Pelosi quiz, Nancy is the Oracle! Corruption everywhere including Disney! Manchester loves Ariana Grande, Kenny lies, Shoddy steel from China, Evergrande madness, China v USA who blinks first? Is November the 15th it? Yoshi Yellen bails out BoA? We are Fightclub! Pineapples and Pampas Grass, Jingles, Here’s Donny! B hole is the key to everything!

The whole stream was captured on Cosmic's YouTube channel live over at so go like, subscribe to his channel and enjoy some brilliant stonks and gaming footage that Cosmic puts out every week!!

Go follow Cosmic on Twitter (@LightninWarrior) and over on his Youtube channel (CosmicLightningWarrior)

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