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The Great EscAPE! EP 10 - Donkey Sh*t, needles and whisky

Another action-packed podcast this week, please avoid the donkey sh*t and needles and enjoy small "wee wees"

This week we covered: Egg on your space! Stonka Tonka! Unusual_Wales but not as you know it, Go Shillers get steamy, Mainstream of piss, DMSA have their say, SEC = Special Ed Class, Peter RH v Dave S in DJ UFC, Ripley nippley dock loader holder, Cohen's grower not a show'er, Kat's fall on their feet, parachuting tweet! Looprangutangs, Ready Cosmic 1, IT'S DONNY! Pete's meat grinding feat, When Doge attacks Rach has your back! I know where you live! I love the way (Col sings it!), Elongated! Sorry Jaime Blu no jingle for you! (yet), Evergrande not so hande! Col & Sam cum together!

Big thank you for the thousands of listens last week. Keep getting in touch with us, we love hearing from you and we will call you out on the cast if you do! The Best place to get us is either on Twitter (@TheGreatEscPod), Instagram (thegreatescapepodcast), or subscribe at our website which is

Col and Sam

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