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The Great EscAPE! EP 15 - Christmas Guest Special

It's the Ape-Team Christmas Special!

Trey Trades podcast endorsement - "F*cking terrible and fantastic at the same time!" - We'll take that!

Where do we start with this one!? A massive thanks to @Dogegirl_420 @Koryamc1 @MlleNadjie @TradesTrey and @Davey_boy79 for joining us and sharing their best stonk moments from 2021.

Lots of whisky and rum (and water) were consumed in the making of this amazing podcast! The content gets more random and funny by the end of the cast as the alcohol kicks in! Enjoy!

We discussed: Lady water poison, GIFs only we're Apes, Sex for dummies, GI Joe Kory, Jesus is our FA, Used Toyota Corolla's, Rach is long on smoked meats, Treys Captain trouser accident, Trash can jungle juice, Gasparino's grammar! Dirks Butthole bagel, Trey's mum has got it going on, Sexist Bots, Worst car salespeople ever! Apes hate weekends, We all have Only Fans accounts, Welcome to Chilli's, and much much more!

Normal weekly news round-up podcast resumes next week! Thank you for listening and have a great Christmas folks!

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More stupidity can be found over at:

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