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The Great EscAPE! EP 18 - Bye Bye Hedgies! Hedgies Bye Bye!

We're back! Oooops!

Yeah...sorry about that, we should have been more 'transparent' (snigger) we forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago that the podcast was taking a week off as Sam was in Italy snowboarding! We're back now and hopefully providing a funny respite into the life of the stonks!

On this week's podcast: Purrfect alarm clock! Kneecap mishap! Tea tsunami, Titanic Jackoff, Rach teases tips, Hell for Mel! Pester Hester for transparency tester! 7 days a weak, Amendser Gensler, MarketWatch Botch! Rags to riches! Dave drops dope DD, $XRT smells like wee, VIX kicks, S.E.See through, and much much more!

We are delighted to award Ragnar Ericsson (@EricssonRagnar) the Great Escape Podcast Golden Banana! Awesome work on the weight loss dude, keep it up!

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More stupidity can be found over at:

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