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The Great EscAPE! EP 21 - GMERICA F*CK YEAH!

GMERICA F*CK YEAH! The Great EscAPE podcast coming to save the mother f*cking week yeah!!

(Sorry Col's mic was set incorrectly and he sounds like he's recording from a dustbin! Sorry guys!)

Yes, it's that time again to talk stonks, drink beer/whisky, and generally make light of all the ape events from the week!

On this week's podcast: Savin' Pirate Ryan! Superbowel, Frozen Ass(ets), Fools Gold! Bizzie Lizzie, Goldman sucks! Don't mess with the Zoltan, Tryst twist, Chunk o' China, Lauer Wower, Twitter clout out, Peter sleepers, Sam ding! Ben says when, and much much more!!

If you're in it, you're on it!

As per the cast, if you have anything to share, be it DD or just a nice comment then please do contact us and let us know! It's highly likely you will make the cast the following week! Love you all! Thanks for listening!

Remember to like, share, and subscribe folks! It really does help the cast reach other Apes!

More stupidity can be found over at:

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