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The Great EscAPE! EP 26 - It's not easy being green! know what, it is! Green is good, and we've had a huge amount of it this week!

What an amazing week for the #Apes! We've had some amazing price action on both #GME and #AMC, events outside of the stonks that have made the week even more intolerable for the #hedgies such as China, Russia, and the global financial system as a whole.

We are entering into the end game brothers and sisters, please present your rocket tickets and buckle up!

On this week's cast: Cohen knowin where it's goin, Larry $ Cheng Cheng, Sparklin UniPorn, Cost to sorrow! Halt and vinegar, On Rampage, Robinhoodwinked, OptionUsPrime, Pump up the volume, Retail Robbed, Missing Media, Supersonic sanctions, Deep Film Viewing, Stonk Chubbies! Crime & Lies and much much more!

If you're in it, you're on it! As per the cast, if you have anything to share, be it DD or just a nice comment then please do contact us and let us know! It's highly likely you will make the cast the following week! Love you all! Thanks for listening!

Don't forget to check out the Podcast snippet with sheriff Cohen! -

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