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The Great EscAPE! EP 28 - Divide and Stonker!

...well dividend and split, pretty sure I've seen that 'specialist' film before!

BIG news last week for the #GME #Apes with Gamestop announcing a stock split via a dividend that should be the end game for the hedgies. Anywhere from a 3 to 14-1 split depending on the vote in June. The majority of those split stocks will be paid by the short-sellers, ha! Hedgies are f*cked!

On this week's cast: Melvin Delvin! Congress catfight! ForbesSkin, 3 poster roaster, premature-in-vester-nation, Stonk Chubbies, Kory impregnated Elon? Birthday boys, DividEND is nigh, Mainstream of piss, CRC for you and me! Fruit Salad, Elon's Musk have! Dark Stool, No other option. DoJball, USA of Corruption, Lifting the veil and much much more!

If you're in it, you're on it! As per the cast, if you have anything to share, be it DD or just a nice comment then please do contact us and let us know! It's highly likely you will make the cast the following week! Love you all! Thanks for listening!

Remember to like, share, and subscribe folks! It really does help the cast reach other Apes and provide support knowing there are others out there who feel and think the way they do!

There won't be a podcast next week as both Sam and Col are away, the next one will be the guest special on the 23rd.

More stupidity can be found over at:

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