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The Great EscAPE! EP 34 - Bra pings & stonk tings!

PING! SomeTING coming #Apes!

Like last week all the major #stonk news came all at once! It's been the same this week and the last couple of days have seen #GME and #AMC go on some nice green runs with very interesting #CTB rates!

AMC looks like it's been subjected to #Crime and #Lies and that might be related to a large amount of in-the-money option calls expiring this week.

GME on the other hand is on a run that sees next week being the earnings call and then followed by the shareholder's meeting where we are expecting to hear that GME will offer a stock split via a dividend!

If nothing else the hedge funds are in a very very difficult position. When one goes, they all do, MARGIN CALL BABY!!!!!

Big thank you to everyone who tuned in live, we really enjoyed the interaction and jokes! Come again next week!

On this week's show: Stucky stucky $10! Tiny Pipi, Goldman Sucks! Milks Men, Voldershort, I feel the need! Broken bonds, Repo Weepo, Bare naked nothing! Where's Wallet? AMC 1 in 3, Bed head! The Split and much much more!

If you're in it, you're on it! As per the cast, if you have anything to share, be it DD or just a nice comment then please do contact us and let us know! It's highly likely you will make the cast the following week! Love you all! Thanks for listening!

Remember to like, share, and subscribe folks! It really does help the cast reach other Apes and provide support knowing there are others out there who feel and think the way they do!

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