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The Great EscAPE! EP 37 - Money or Clunge!

Sorry folks! Sub standard #podcast this week as we've both been very busy at work and in life! That and the fact the #stonks have been a little quiet this week and we covered most of the #DD during the #5in5 section! We did however manage to squeeze 65 minutes out of it while drinking beer and whisky! RESULT!

To note: 10/10 for effort for Phil trying to join us live! Let's try and get it working next week!

On this week's show: Clifford-a-mess, SEC announces something blar blar blar snore! Evergrand Whooooo!? Sank of America, Crypto go or no? XRTease, Tom Foolery, Fudgy McFudge face, Bucca congrats!

If you're in it, you're on it! As per the cast, if you have anything to share, be it #DD or just a nice comment, please contact us and let us know! It's highly likely you will make the cast the following week! Love you all! Thanks for listening!

Remember to like, share, and subscribe folks! It really does help the cast reach other Apes and provide support knowing there are others out there who feel and think the way they do!

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