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The Great EscAPE! EP 6 - A whole lot of FUD!

Sorry we missed last week, Col decided to be selfish and he went on holiday, Sam sat there for two days awaiting the podcast call that never came, sat in his own excrement and personal 'excitement'!

With that in mind, the podcast this week is essentially two podcasts in one and is a one-off slightly longer version (sorry, not sorry!) Lots covered! Including:

SEC report...meh, shorts are still short, Sam is in the dog house, DWAC paddy wack its a trap! Shibby! Dude, Sweet!, Friday bloodbath, Citadel runs themselves over in front of 66 thousand people live! Yoshi Yellen Mario Yelling! Assassin Creed dicks rated, Peter and Liz sitting in a tree, T-R-A-D-I-N-G!, Fidelity swings, Ben verses Yen, Jimmy and Chuckles are Treys pray! 4x China syndrome, Cosmic's weaner helicopters are cleared for takeoff, Kenny G (Sax God), Gamestop teases, DVF candy for free, Floating logs, Ariana Grande verses Teeny Tiny Hermione, Dalai Lama snorting coke of a hooker's ass! and much much more!

Lots of people to thank this week, and a massive thank you to the thousands of downloads so far! Love Col and Sam! Shibby!!!

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