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The Great EscAPE! EP9 - It's all our fault!

Welcome to episode 9 of The Great EscAPE! Podcast!

This week we covered a huge amount of stonk and whisky!

Elton Musk stock bust, sticks and stones break Kenny's bones! Jamie's Jingle, Where's Donny! Main Stream Media always tryin to lead ya! RobinDaData, To default or not to default that is the Grande question? Go shillers in the mist? AMC cures big C, Not-a-lot on LIT, 6.2 inflation's coming for you! Tweeky Yellen fishy smellen, Pinball Wizard Loopring blizzard, 20% off for Veterans day! Nancy Pelosi hates Flash Gordon, US Dollar got no hola, Reddit Loopring of death!

We have revamped the website ( and we are going to have a podcast giveaway soon to help drive listeners to the website so stay tuned by following us on our new dedicated Twitter account (@TheGreatEscPod) we would love you to follow, like, and retweet, and over at Instagram (thegreatescapepodcast).

Come and say hello, share some stories, give us some feedback and tell us about you! It does make a big difference to us.

Col & Sam

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